Ever flicked through photos and noticed dad’s missing from it? Not to be seen. And then there’s a second photo. Same background, same smiley faces, but dad’s now in it, though your brother isn’t?

This is typical for many family photos. One person is always stuck behind the camera. A family photo shoot is a great way to capture your family moments TOGETHER!

They can be a great present, or just an excuse to get everyone together before your children go off to uni, or you go travelling around the world, or before someone gets married and moves away. It’s the perfect way to document forever the love for your family.

Nav our chief photographer says: “Family photos are a great way to re-live and celebrate the special bond shared among family members. It’s beautiful when an unexpected moment can make a priceless photo”

Here’s what you need to know…

  • Our family photo shoot packages start from £100. This will include up to 2 hours photo shoot time and access to an online gallery of up to 30 prints which you can keep and share.
  • We can shoot in your home or if you prefer travel to a local park or area that has sentimental importance to you.
  • We work with all families; whether there’s two of you or ten, or young babies to elderly grandparents.
  • We know it’s hard getting everyone’s diary to work together. So we’re very flexible. If you find someone can no longer make it, just give us a call and we can reschedule. It’s not a problem.

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